Why Diet is a Need Nowadays

  • By warispopal
  • September 6, 2019

A balanced diet is basically the means to maintain or improve overall health. A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrition: fluid, macronutrients, micronutrients, and adequate calories. Now although the basic concept of it has existed for years now, we have managed to turn it into an ever rising need of today's day and age due to multiple reasons ranging from unawareness regarding healthy eating habits to the ever increasing accessibility and on hand availability of junk food at prices lower than that of the organic food.

The need of basic healthy diet arises from the fact that on one hand throughout the country the rate of obesity has risen to it's highest point and on the other there has been a noticible increase in eating disorders due to the increase in commercialism of a certain beauty standard and the peer pressure especially in the young adults. The lack of control over ones apptiete can lead to drastic health problem that most of today's youth can count on their finger tips due to the recurrent examples existing all around them. Heart diseases, liver disfunction, malnutrition or obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are some of the most common examples. And amongst this one should not overlook the addictive affect in some of the junk food aka pre-prepared or packaged food that has low nutritional value. Over abuse of a certain food group can lead to problems of its own. Added to this the rise in mental health problem has also resulted in the generation turning their point of view of food and seeing it as a source of comfort rather than a means of nutrition and energy.

The basic foundations of healthy eating habits have been nearly distroyed due to the reasons stated above and so much more.

In the light of all these reasons a diet has become an utmost necessity now adays. Unlike the popular precieved notion nowadays a diet is a means of a healthy lifestyle than a fad lasting for a few days for achievement of a certain weight goal. Through a properly informed and executed diet routine not only will this generation find themselves on a path for a healthier future but there will be hope for a well informed future generation that might not commit the mistakes we made.


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