How I manage diet at work?

  • By warispopal
  • January 15, 2020

Waris khan software Engineer by profession. Having 9 hours 5 days / a week desk job, I did some amazing changes on my diet plan and workout routine. Everyone is obese and desperately willing to be fit & lean while involve in busy schedules. I have been doing exercise and diet plans for so long, But what i found that doing exercise is more easier then having healthy meals here in Pakistan. The only bridge between you and your goal to get fit and lean, That not been having proper diet plan meals by yourself alone, which is not actually so hard to focus, All you need to find a way and time to kitchen.

On October 2019, When i heard of dietbox where they provide three times fully satisfied meal at your office or your actual location, on joining their membership they provide mobile app , As i Software engineer i love their Mobile App and their business idea Serving healthy meals, to members doorstep with fully planed routines. I had no idea, that it effects me so fast, I can get my daily or monthly intake nutrition calculation report on my mobile app and web portal of dietbox. It was like they did all of your hard-work by calculating all the calories and serving highly effective meals,I did enjoy thier service.

How I incorporated fitness in my life along with a busy schedule? When i joined Dietbox.

I started taking dietbox meal plan, as I believe healthy food along with hard workout is always better on fast improvement. The meals dietbox is usually calorie low & high in protein, Their service is fully planed so that I don’t spend too much time thinking about what to cook and what to eat.

My gym is very close to my home and meal serves on time, so I save time & don’t have the excuse to skip my workout.

I worked out on my own and started losing 1 pound (0.5kg) on a week just by doing heavy lifting and having low carbs with high intake protein. Due to over-training, My daily intake nutrition saved me from dying on the floor of gym.

I love to lift heavy and I keep setting mini realistic goals like lifting a certain weight in dead-lift, or fitting into a smaller size dress or just increasing my endurance. Goals keep me motivated and I don’t get bored.

Just like I eat, sleep, work daily, similarly, I exercise daily. I have made it a habit to never skip my workout. Never mean NEVER! No matter whats stress i am facing, I will be there at definitely. Fitness is therapy of mind as people say

I have stopped office canteen food and other outing food and did exercise as a punishment.I eat 100% healthy meals from dietbox amazing service. I am not one of those who do more exercise than concentrated on nutrition,So it kept me motivated on diet. I did some cheat days by having junk food over the weekends to reward myself for the hard work.

I do strength training for an hour, all week. I take frequent breaks to keep moving, use stairs instead of elevator, playing ping pong at office, drink 3–4 liters of water and drinking black coffee daily.

So far i came, I guess it's actually easier to maintain your routine and diet in office.What to do is to focus on diet and at-least body exercise once on week.

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