Health and Healthy Food

  • By warispopal
  • September 24, 2019

Healthy food is directly proportional to healthy body and healthy mind. A persons’s general health is determined by the consumption of his food. That being said, healthy food consumption on day to day basis leads to a healthy life while unhealthy food consumption brings nothing but diseases and health issues.

Now, how do you know what constitutes a healthy diet? Different researchers have worked to find out the right answer to this question. The answer is simple! No single vitamin or a specific nutrient can give you a healthy body, instead you need to have a keen look on your overall food consumption and know what you should eat.

What you should eat: Fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, fish, nuts etc

What you should avoid: Soda, canned food, red meat, dairy product, excessive product and fast foods.

Though it is not easy to give up on your bad eating habits, but you can achieve healthy eating by making small changes at a time.


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